A note from Best Video Film & Cultural Center executive director, Richard Brown—November is an important fundraising month

BVFCC Executive Director Richard Brown, also a saxophonist.

Dear Friends:

November is an important month for us.

Three years ago, on November 1, 2015, Best Video became Best Video Film and Cultural Center (BVFCC), a 501c3 public charity as designated by the Internal Revenue Service. This has bolstered our ability to continue to operate our film archive lending service, a live music performance space, which also serves as a film screening room and lecture spot, and as well, a coffee, wine/beer cafe.

Many long hours and hard work have gone into making BVFCC a truly functioning Cultural Center and community gathering space. I thank our diligent and creative staff and our Board of Directors for their efforts that have led to our success.

That said, it is also community interest and generosity that has contributed to our progress. You—our members, our neighbors and friends, our business vendors and associates—have supported us and inspired us. I can honestly say that I hear from at least one person daily who tells me how important BVFCC is in their life.

On Saturday, November 17, from 9AM to 9PM we say “thank you!” and celebrate our 3rd year as a non-profit with an all-day anniversary gala, “BVFCC Anniversary Open House Extravaganza & “Fun”draiser”. This all-day affair will include children’s events, food trucks, film trivia, cookie contest, musical performances, film shorts, and many more fun activities.

As I noted above, November is a key month for us at BVFCC. We have two main fundraisers annually, one in May and one in November. In May, we participate in the community-wide “Great Give,” which is coordinated by the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven. These two fundraisers, at six month intervals, fill in the financial gaps in our annual revenue flow and support important infrastructure maintenance and projects. We have in recent weeks incurred unexpected expenses in our cafe on espresso and brewer machine repairs. In November, we have plans to purchase new chairs for the Performance Space. Also in November, we will have the entire shop’s carpets cleaned. We add to our film archive with new movie purchases on a weekly basis.

I’m inviting you to our celebration on November 17. Please join us if you can, help put the “fun” in “fun” draiser! And remember, we love seeing you all each and every day. And each day in November is a day that you can donate. Come in and see us. Please help to make our fundraising efforts a success. You always have! We thank you wholeheartedly.

Some primary ways you can help: 1) Make a donation—it’s fully tax-deductible. 2) Open a “membership” if you don’t have one. Memberships allow liberal use of our film archive at a very economical price. We also have a “Cultural Membership” which allows virtually unlimited access to all our musical/cultural events. (3) Promote your business or organization by sponsoring film and musical events during the year.

It’s been a good year. Our fiscal year just ended and revenue stayed steady. Our debts have been reduced. The cafe and performance program showed growth. There are definitely reasons for optimism. Our patrons are enthusiastic. We remain, though, a not-for-profit. We run a deficit and our partnership with all of you makes this work. Thank you for being there, as you thank us for being here. Let’s build on what we all have accomplished and begin to secure our next year at Best Video film and Cultural Center.

I hope you can attend our celebration and donate to the cause in the coming month.

Thank you always for your support.


Richard Brown
Executive Director