Annual membership discount option expires at end of year for non-recurring members

Since Best Video Film & Cultural Center took over ownership of Best Video in November, 2015, we have offered a 10% discount on annual memberships compared to monthly memberships. The 1-Movie Plan was $10 per month but $108 per year, for example.

The discount has applied no matter whether the membership fee was paid by check, credit card, or cash in person at Best Video or online as a recurring charge like the monthly memberships.

This discount for in-person payment expires at the end of this year. The administrative costs of securing renewals on annual memberships paid in person at Best Video is higher for us than when the membership has an automatic, secure online renewal.

From January 1, 2022 on, the 10% discount for annual memberships will apply only to recurring memberships through our secure online system. Members who prefer not to renew their annual membership on a recurring basis  are still welcome to renew by check, cash, or card but will be charged the full price of $120, $240 (2-Movie Plan), or $360 (4-Movie Plan).