Best Video in 2020—by the numbers

Despite the severe limitations of the pandemic, Best Video Film & Cultural Center has accomplished much thanks to public support.

By the numbers:

• 1

Thanks to the overwhelming support shown to Best Video Film & Cultural Center in The Great Give, we invested in 1 beautiful deck that enabled us to present safe, socially-distanced entertainment!

• 15,846

Almost 16,000 titles on DVD, Blu-Ray, and, yes, even some VHS tapes went out the door to members to watch over the course of the year. Of that, 7,710 were rented before we temporarily closed on March 22; 8,136 have gone out since we reopened for curbside service on May 21. So, to the oft-asked question, Do people still rent videos?, the answer is unequivocally yes!

• 59 & 80

We presented or hosted 59 music shows this year, encompassing 80 acts, including the four shows of children’s music. We had presented 36 shows as of the time when we had to stop indoor events. But building the deck enabled us to safely relaunch live music. In the weather-friendly window, we managed to put on 23 more shows. In addition to the shows, we had three monthly Second Wednesday Open Mics and numerous acoustic—bluegrass and Irish music—jam sessions.

• 8 & 3 & 1

Before we had stop indoor events, we presented 8 film screenings. Best Video Film & Cultural Center helped organize the Hamden Black Film Mini-Series in the fall, co-presenting 3 movies on the Black experience with Hamden Arts & Culture, Spring Glen Church, Ignite the Light and community members. And we streamed 1 film, the acclaimed indie movie “Ham On Rye,” which is available in a virtual screening through this month.