Best Video is now Best Video Film & Cultural Center


The new logo for Best Video Film & Cultural Center, designed by John Bent. See more of John’s work at

After 30 years of serving Greater New Haven, Best Video—one of the last brick-and-mortar video stores in the state—has changed hands. In an effort to continue its impact in the wake of the Internet era, original owner Hank Paper has sold this vibrant and vital institution to Best Video Film & Cultural Center (BVFCC). Effective November 1, BVFCC has taken ownership of the archive—along with the performance space and café—and will run the venue as an arts not-for-profit.

While many things will stay the same—the incredible archive of DVDs, the cafe, the programming of music and film events—one thing that will change is that BVFCC will offer new rental plan options. Broadening access to Best Video’s incredible library of films, membership plans will allow unlimited rentals without late fees for as little as $10 per month.

“With the formation of Best Video Film and Cultural Institute we will be able to continue the legacy started years ago by Hank Paper. BVFCC will honor the tradition of film and bring to it ongoing community events, discussions and connection,” says Lisa Lochner, a member of the BVFCC Board of Directors. “While Netflix and Amazon as mediums for viewing film are convenient, it seems that the rich discussion of films is lost. I have long valued the ability to walk into Best Video and start a personal conversation about films current and past. And the Best Video archive has lots of great films not available through streaming.”

Kicking off its new mission as a not-for-profit organization, BVFCC will host a Grand Opening Celebration on Sunday, November 15, from 3—5 p.m. The event will be an opportunity to celebrate and learn more about this new chapter. BVFCC invites the community to enjoy some fun, family-friendly tunes, and eat, drink and be merry. The Grand Opening Celebration is free and open to the public although, of course, donations to BVFCC are welcome.

Designer John Bent generously donated his services designing a brochure promoting the new BVFCC as well as creating a new logo for the organization. John’s design nods to the past while pointing the way toward our future.

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