CARANCHO – In this Argentinian action-noir-romance, an idealistic ER doctor with a drug habit and an ambulance-chasing attorney with a conscience repeatedly cross paths at the hospital, fall in love and try to help each other out of their bad habits.

Like the traffic flow of Buenos Aires itself, the film moves at breakneck pace; you’re never sure what’s about to hit you. The two leads are basically likable, decent, down-to-earth people trying to do the right thing but trapped by unfortunate histories, bad choices and worse circumstance. We like these people and hope their relationship doesn‘t hit a snag.

The film addresses a supposedly real-life phenomenon in Buenos Aires involving the unusually high number of automobile accidents and a criminal syndicate’s control of accident insurance scams.

Full of twists and turns and surprises that come out of nowhere, the film makes you feel like a rubbernecker glad to be doing his traveling in an armchair. An armchair that should come with a seat belt.

You can’t take your eyes off the action, nor off the two compelling leads. Would that such enforced attention applied to our own daily cellphone-tapping, text messaging driving habits here in the States.

Good luck.

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