Comedy: Reel Life, hosted by Stosh Mikita, Sat., Dec. 7, at 8 PM

Best Video Film & Cultural Center presents the return of Reel Life—A Stand-Up Comedy Show on Saturday, Oct. 26. Reel Life is hosted by comic Stosh Mikita. It starts at 8 PM and the cover is $10.

Stosh Mikita is a New Haven, CT based comedian whose comedy combines clever observations, self-deprecating humor, and dark personal stories from an unusual upbringing. Starting in 2013, Stosh has quickly become a regularly featured comedian all over New England.

Also on the bill are Dame FK, Pratima Singh, Dan Rice, and Penina Beede.

Dame FK is an American contemporary stand up comic born and raised in connecticut. His esoteric humor and lightning sharp wit have been delighting crowds for better part of the last five years. Garnering a red hot buzz in new york city for his pop up style performances he has even opened up on tour for Hannibal Buresss (Comedy Camisado, Netflix) who quickly took to the young comedian, fostering what some believe may be the next great American stand up.

Pratima Singh is a fellow at Hartford Youth Scholars, studying at UConn to be a middle school English teacher, the most self-destructive of all career choices. In her spare time, she grooms middle-aged ladies and dogs.

Dan Rice is an editor and contributor at the popular satire site The Hard Times. He has made Best Video Order Dvd’s for him twice now, because he is mommy’s special boy.

Penina Beede is a writer and comedian based in Hartford, CT. Penina freelances for The Hartford Courant and is the host of the podcast “25 for 25.” She has worked for Connecticut Public Radio and NPR’s “Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” Currently a senior at University of Connecticut, Penina performs stand-up comedy across the northeaster United States. Using a deadpan style, she weaves short jokes into her story-driven comedy about politics, family, and womanhood. In her spare time, you can find Penina thinking up the best puns in the Tri-state area.

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