Film screening: “All the President’s Men,” part of the “Hail to the Chief!” film series, on Mon., Oct. 10, at 7 PM

all_the_presidents_men_webThe Oval Office meets the silver screen as Best Video founder Hank Paper presents five great films dealing with the most powerful role in the world— three based on history (All the Way, Thirteen Days, All the President’s Men) and two classics of Cold War-era paranoia (The Manchurian Candidate, Dr. Strangelove). All films start at 7 PM—except the Sunday, Oct. 16 screening of “Dr. Strangelove,” which begins at 2 PM—and admission is $7.

The next movie in the series is “All the President’s Men.” Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman and Jason Robards, Jr., offer galvanizing, peak performances amid an incredible cast in this multi-Oscar nominated political thriller about tracking the source of the Watergate break-in all the way to the White House – ultimately leading to the President’s resignation.

Writing in the (competing) New York Times two years after President Nixon was forced to resign in disgrace, Vincent Canby proclaimed, “Newspapers and newspapermen have long been favorite subjects for movie makers—a surprising number of whom are former newspapermen, yet not until ‘All The President’s Men,’ the riveting screen adaptation of the Watergate book by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, has any film come remotely close to being an accurate picture of American journalism at its best.”



SUN., OCT. 16: DR. STRANGELOVE… • Stanley Kubrick’s impending nuclear war satire remains as fresh as the day it was released: hilariously funny as it is frightening. Amid an all-star cast, Peter Sellers plays three roles while George C. Scott takes wing as General “Buck” Turgidson. Oscar nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Sellers), and Best Screenplay (Kubrick and Terry Southern). A truly one-off film about a one-off event.

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