Film screening: “Garden in Film” series concludes with “This Beautiful Fantastic” (2016) Sun., Mar. 10, at 3 PM

The “Garden in Film” series—conceived by Best Video Film & Cultural Center member and former manager of Marsh Botanical Gardens at Yale Eric Larson—concludes on Sunday, Mar. 10, with a screening of the 2016 movie “This Beautiful Fantastic.” Previous movies in the series were “A Little Chaos” and “Saving Grace” (2000). The screening starts at 3 PM and admission is $7.

In “This Beautiful Fantastic,” a young librarian (played by Jessica Brown Findlay), who is trying to write a children’s book, is forced to rehabilitate the garden in back of her flat by the absentee landlord, thus confronting her aversion to plants. among the relevant themes are gardening as source and agent for transformation, the garden as refuge, and garden as connection between very different people.

In his New York Times review of the movie, Neil Genzlinger wrote:

With spring imminent, backyard putterers are turning their thoughts to the garden, which makes “This Beautiful Fantastic,” a charming tale about one, all that much sweeter.

Gardens, of course, must be cultivated, and thus they are rich allegorical territory for storytellers of all sorts. Simon Aboud, the writer and director here, works some obvious parallels as he tells the story of a timid young woman, her cranky old neighbor and the garden that separates them, but enjoyable performances keep the tale from becoming too heavy-handed.

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