Film screening: “The Village,” about Wooster Square Italian community, screens Tues., May 7, at 7:30 PM

Best Video Film & Cultural Center screens “The Village: Life in New Haven’s Little Italy” on Tuesday, May 7. The screening starts at 7:30 PM and admission is $7.

“The Village: Life in New Haven’s Little Italy,” tells the story of the city’s Wooster Square neighborhood, which for many years was a tight-knit Italian-American enclave. Using oral history interviews, photos from family albums, and historic films and photographs, the documentary explores the power of ethnic identity and reaffirms the importance of immigration to American society.

Today, few descendants of the immigrants still live in Wooster Square, but vestiges of their community remain—in the church, the ethnic societies and their festas, and the pizza joints and pastry shops. Most vividly, the village lives on in the fond memories of the people who grew up there.

“The Village,” directed by Steve Hamm, has been playing to packed houses in the greater New Haven area. Hamm, film editor Scott Amore and longtime Wooster Square resident Frank Carrano—who is featured in the film—will be on hand for a discussion after the one-hour showing.

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