Hank’s Recommendations 1/13/15

hank_paperFor a good bet try the staff recommendation shelves on the way (to your right) to the Top Hit area. I’ve recently changed my pics; here are three of them. You can’t lose!


In A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT, two brothers rebel against their stern minister father (Tom Skerritt) in different ways: one (Craig Schaefer) as a writer, the other (Brad Pitt) as a charming daredevil challenging the world. Oscar-winning director Robert Redford captures the majesty of the Montana Wilderness and the strength of the American family in this acclaimed adaptation of Norman Maclean’s uniquely affecting memoir.


In CAST AWAY, an unusual and deep film, a FedEx systems engineer’s ruled-by-the-clock existence abruptly ends in a harrowing plane crash that leaves him isolated on a remote island. Tom Hanks offers one of his most absorbing performances in this life-changing adventure of body and spirit.


In one of his two most menacing roles (NIGHT OF THE HUNTER is the other one, reviewed next week), Robert Mitchum plays a sociopathic ex-con determined to exact a terrible – and terribly legal – revenge on both the attorney (Gregory Peck) who put him away and the attorney’s family. CAPE FEAR is a masterpiece of tension-building, shock and suspense that eclipses the later De Niro remake.

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