Hank’s Recommendations 12/25/12

hank_paperTROUBLE WITH THE CURVE — Yes, it’s latter day formulaic Clint (codger fighting old age with witty, biting epithets) in a formulaic story (reuniting with alienated daughter on a last talent scouting trip to prove himself). But it’s also a film with many pleasantries: good script and direction (nothing crusty about Clint here), and good acting with real chemistry between Clint and Amy Adams. Plus, you learn a little you probably didn’t know about baseball. This is a romance about baseball, with a pitch that’s opposite the one thrown by MONEYBALL.  It’s about trusting your instincts and experience rather than the stats; about keeping your on the ball instead of on the computer in order to succeed at the game. Here the humanistic element is all over the field. Yes, Moneyball is a better movie but no more satisfying than Trouble With the Curve. Yes, the latter is a conventional feel-good movie. But in the right hands, it’s just what the doctor ordered, just the medicine your mood requires. Sometimes you just don’t want any trouble with the curve.

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