Indie rock group Jellyshirts to play Performance Space Thurs., Oct. 11

Looking for a frame of reference for Jellyshirts’ music? Try the Velvet Underground and the Byrds. But the band—ed by guitarist/vocalist Bret Logan for over 20 years, ably joined by drummer Scott McDonald and bass player Nick Appleby—has a sound determinedly their own.

From the band’s press packet:

“Letting the wash of live sound influence each song, without anybody thinking “jazz” or “improvisation.” Never doing covers of our songs. Trying to get you to levitate about one-and-a-half feet off your chair (willingly, of course). The short version: we’re loud and we play bars with a mystical need to reach you.”

From a 2009 Shoreline Times article by musician and WPLR Local Bands radio show host James Velvet:

“The band has been held in awe by its fans over the years for its sometimes soaring, sometimes droning sound, always played with intensity and skill. A good example is the current lead tune on their MySpace page, a recent live recording of a song they first performed 15 years ago, ‘Disinclined.’ Ten minutes of dynamic live jamming. ‘Pick and Soar’ is how their longtime champion Gary Vollono of describes the sound. To which I would add, ‘…and feedback sometimes.'”

Here, on YouTube, is a video of the band performing their song “Truly” at the John Slade Ely House in New Haven in 2007:

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