It’s not 1962—is it safe to come out of the bomb shelter? “Fail-Safe” Mon., Mar. 11, at 7 PM

fail_safe_WebThe “What Would You Do: Ethical Dilemmas in Great Films” film series is a collaborative effort of Temple Beth Sholom and Best Video. Best Video owner Hank Paper and Temple Beth Sholom Rabbi Benjamin Scolnic will take turns introducing films and leading the post-film discussions.

The admission cost per film is $5 and reservations are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. Several of the previous screenings have been sold out. Seats are still available for this upcoming show.

On Monday, Mar. 11, at 7 PM, we present the 1963 film “Fail-Safe.” The film will be introduced and the discussion led by Best Video owner Hank Paper.

This film presents the dark, serious side of “Dr. Strangelove.” When a computer error deploys a squadron of Strategic Air Command (SAC) bombers to destroy Moscow, the American President (Fonda) tries to call them back. Nail-bitingly suspenseful, and one of the greatest anti-war movies ever made, “Fail-Safe” stars Henry Fonda, Walter Matthau, Dan O’Herlihy. Larry Hagman, and Fritz Weaver. According to New York Times critic Bosley Crowther, reviewing “Fail-Safe” in 1964 (log-in required), “‘Fail Safe’ is definitely in the area of those films that are important and are going to be talked about. And it packs a melodramatic wallop that will rattle a lot of chattering teeth.”

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