Kevin MF King/Paul Belbusti show, scheduled for tomorrow, postponed to Jan. 16 due to weather

The show scheduled for Thursday evening, Jan. 2, featuring Kevin MF King and Paul Belbusti (Mercy Choir), is being postponed to Thursday, Jan. 16, due to the pending snowstorm.

Kevin MF King and Paul Belbusti (Mercy Choir) will perform separate sets at the Best Video Performance Space on Thursday, Jan. 16. The music starts at 8 PM and the cover is $5.

Kevin MF King’s songs run amok with topics such as work drudgery, self-reflection, escapism, the debauchery displayed in modern politics and the process of human interaction, at times using fictional folk tales to tell a story, others just beautiful instrumentals. KMFK has more than 100 self-recorded songs regularly distributed on self-released hand-stamped cds.

Mercy Choir is the songwriting/recording/performing project of Paul Belbusti – a man from the New Haven area of Connecticut. The music has been described using any and all of the following terms: acoustic, folk, noise, psychedelic, rock, electroacoustic, outsider, indie, freak folk, bad, good, weird, beautiful, ugly, impressive, depressing, disappointing, metal, quiet, loud, authentic, fake, electronic, digital, analog, pretentious, hifi, lofi, etc.

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