Mountain Movers in the Performance Space on Thurs., Oct. 18

The Mountain Movers will play the Best Video Performance Space on Thurs., Oct. 18. The music starts promptly at 8 p.m.

The Mountain Movers were started by Daniel Greene and Rick Omonte to keep up with Dan’s prolific songwriting. The band is based out of New Haven, Connecticut where they have a wealth of talented friends to help them perform and record their songs. Their sound can best be described as dreamy rock.

Always heartfelt, Greene’s ability to paint a picture with words is uncanny. Sonically, the band has a love for warm old tones, echoes, and tape hiss. This is apparent in their discography as most of their output was made on 2 inch reel to reel machines or 8 track cassette recorders.

The Mountain Movers are also known for their distinct visual style and their various releases feature Dan’s unique artwork (pencil/pen drawings, pastels, and watercolor paintings).

Recently the decision was made to create the band’s own record label, Car Crash Avoiders, further cementing the reputation they hold for a very hands-on ethos. They have played shows with Dinosaur Jr., MV and EE, Josephine Foster, Akron Family, Mark Mulcahy, Wolf Parade, and Cherry Blossoms. They have had banner reviews from Shindig, OMG Vinyl, Terrascope UK, and many other fine spots. New recordings are always in the works.

The Mountain Movers recently released a new 7-inch vinyl 45, “Desertion” b/w “Summertime.”

The Best Video Coffee & Wine Bar will be open with a fine selection of delicious snacks and refreshments, including Willoughby’s coffee. Best Video is licensed to sell wine and beer. Suggested donation to support the music programming at Best Video is $5.

Listen: The Mountain Movers song “World What World”:


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