MUSIC 8 PM. FOLK ROCK: THE STREAMS (in either duo or trio mode)

The Streams are a four piece rock group formed in 1991. They recorded an album of driving rock called, Today, I Died, just released and available now at, and most other online music sites.

The Streams play furious to contemplative story songs centered around American historic themes. The instrumentation is grounded by a solid rhythm section with some folky flourishes of mandolin, banjo and organ generally accompanied by raging electric guitars. The songs are tightly crafted pop rockers and lyrically run the gamut from blisteringly pompous war cries to quiet acoustic meditations on loss and heartbreaking destruction.

Most of The Streams songs are centered lyrically around the American Civil War. Many of the songs derive inspiration from the pages of Shelby Foote’s history of the Civil War, which gave a detailed and personalized view of the times devoid of political fence hopping, and the Ken Burns visual history of the Civil War, which also brought a unique and human perspective.

The group is headed by Dave Brooks with his band of grizzled veterans including: Spike Priggen (Dumptruck), Jeff Wiederschall (Miracle Legion) and New Haven guitar dazzler, Bill Beckett.

The Best Video Coffee Bar will be open with a fine selection of delicious snacks and refreshments, including Willoughby’s coffee. The Best Video Coffee Bar is now also licensed to sell wine and beer. Admission—as for all of Best Video’s Performance Space events—is free.

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