Music: Graylight Campfire this Wednesday, Dec. 12, at 8 PM

Graylight Campfire plays the Best Video Performance Space this Wednesday, Dec. 12. (The Happy Ending show originally scheduled for this day will take place the next night, Dec. 13.) The music starts promptly at 8 PM. The cover charge for this show is $5.

Graylight Campfire’s debut CD “All Are Welcome…Some May Stay” is the sound of a dream being dreamt in a moving car. The rhythm of the road intrudes and coaxes us, produces pretty views of the sun going down over the dirty Sound and of the new century’s American landscape; of the highway more traveled and the hundred years of popular music that beams in from long gone radio stations, where Lester Flatt and Jimi Hendrix sound natural playing aside each other, where The Grand Ole Opry goes electric and distorts into the sound of factories closing and money tight, where a voice howls back to the history of howling, of wolves and Wolf.  Where Harry Smith-gone-psychedelic frames songs about loss and songs about hope and songs about whiskey and smoke and relationships that save your life and lay waste to you.

Graylight Campfire’s “All Are Welcome…” is a blues record in weight, a country record in accent and an Appalachian folk tale in longing. It’s a Rock And Roll record.

Dave Hogan (guitars/vocals) and Brian O’Callaghan (bass/vocals) cut their teeth in The Rafter Bats, who garnered a diehard following on the Northeastern festival circuit, as recognized in the media the likes of Relix and Dirty Linen magazines, in addition to multiple awards as ‘Bluegrass’ and Roots Rock’ champions in local press (The Fairfield County Weekly, New Haven Advocate). The love of acoustic music is what brought them together, but it was soon a shared love of music history. Of influences passed down and around, and of electricity.

Graylight Campfire was started as a notion but soon became all consuming; the three piece electric rock band is eternal and a tradition. It’s as old as ‘Stagger Lee’ in influence, in desire to get the point across with a voice, a warm and jagged slash of the Les Paul and a driving backbeat. When former ‘Bats drummer M.D. Rickers moved on, the seat was filled by Pete May, who brought the live bash and tight kick that drives the songs. After taking it on the road (most notably, taking part in The Gathering of the Vibes, unheard of for a new band), Graylight Campfire settled in to the studio to make a proper record…but they brought the road in with them. All the laughs and time spent riding, all the late night campfire folk and head rattling gigs, all the dancing, conscious and unconscious, all the kicks and tricks and alcohol. All the friends lost and remembered. You hear it all on “All Are Welcome… Some May Stay,” the recognition that songs can sell and tell and preach.  But the best songs commiserate with you and make  you laugh and let you bum a smoke.

Chevk out a video of the group playing “House of Cards”:

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