Music: Indie rock from Glambat, KEESH/Pheobe, & Soft Screams Fri., Mar. 8, at 7:30 PM

The indie rock acts Glambat, KEESH/Pheobe, and Soft Screams play Best Video Performance Space Friday, Mar. 8. The show starts at 7:30 PM and the cover is $5.

Glambat is a New Haven indie-folk band lead by Emily Alderman (vocals, guitar), creating sultry tunes for your listening pleasure.

Pheobe is a newly formed New Haven Punk/Indie/Noise five-piece band. Their goal is to bring the ruckus with as many different styles as possible, and continuously create new ideas and performances. Influences would be: WEEN, Pavement, the Grateful Dead, Grizzly Bear, Black Sabbath—anything between “dark” and “hilarious.” The group is Peter Omalyev (guitar/vocals), Vic Pocz (bass/vocals), Laurie Abreu (synth), Derek Begley (lead guitar) and Reena Yu (drums).

Soft Screams is a power pop band from Connecticut. Their album Art Therapy was released in September and is reminiscent of artists such as Teenage Fanclub, Green Day, and Wavves. The band is currently playing as many live shows as possible and recording their next full-length album.

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