Music: The Mold Monkies on Wed., Jan. 9, at 8 PM

The Mold Monkies, led by Russell Shaddox and Nick Appleby, play the Best Video Performance Space on Wednesday, Jan. 9. The music starts at 8 PM and the cover is $5. The group plays a melodic, high-energy form of rock ‘n’ roll known as “power pop.”

Emerging from the primordial soup of two men’s collective unconscious, and bursting upon the American musical scene with all the force of a tractor-trailer full of pork chops, the Mold Monkies are here. And they won’t leave.

The Mold Monkies put the Pow back in Power Pop. Their songs burst with energy. Their guitars refuse to be ignored. The Mold Monkies wear their joy and heartbreak on their sleeve with a wry smirk and a quick one-liner.

So if that’s your cup of meat, then by all means take a look inside. Visit the band’s web site; listen to our music; keep an eye out for live shows near you. Because the Mold Monkies are here. And they won’t leave.

A video of The Mold Monkies from 2011:

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