Music: The Paul Shanley Quintet plays jazz Fri., Nov. 1

The Paul Shanley Quintet plays Best Video Performance Space on Friday, Nov. 1. The show starts at 8 PM and the cover is $10.

The Paul Shanley Quintet seeks to bring fresh perspectives to a wide range of jazz styles from Cole Porter to Thelonious Monk. The goal of our music is to create something in the moment that is unique, exciting, and played with energy and passion. Everyone in the group has their own thoughts and feelings about the music and how they like to play, then we come together through our common interests. Playing live is an essential part of the music and the instant response that we get is the largest reward. Nothing comes close to the experience of listening to great live music. This group will do everything in our power to create a great performance for you the listener.

Shanley plays bass. He will be acompanied by Barry Ries (drums and trumpet), Anton Kot (piano), Gary Grippo (guitar), and Kenny G (sax).

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