New Best Video t-shirts now on sale at the store—a great gift idea!

The new Best Video t-shirts are in stock and they look great. Check out Best Video manager Richard Brown in the black t-shirt. This design—which is taking the Paris fashion houses by storm (or should be)—is also available on a red shirt with the design in black.


It is the perfect gift for the movie fan and Best Video supporter in your household or among your circle of friends. Best Video staffer Rob Harmon came up with the idea for the front upper left design—a simple statement, “I saw it at Best Video.”


Design for the front of the t-shirt

The t-shirts are only $15 and are still available in medium, large and extra-large sizes. There may well be a re-order if these sell out so if you need a different size, call the store and let us know and we will see if we can accommodate you.

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