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indignationIndignation (drama, Logan Lerman. Rotten Tomatoes: 81%. Metacritic: 79. A New York Times Critic’s Pick. From Times review: “‘Indignation’ might be dismissed as a small, exquisite period piece, but it is so precisely rendered that it gets deeply under your skin. There are a lot of words, and every one counts. You feel the social pressures bearing down on characters who, in accordance with the reticence of the times, tend to withhold their emotions and suffer in silence.” Read more…)

Morris From America (coming of age story, Craig Robinson. Rotten Tomatoes: 89%. Metacritic: 75. A New York Times Critic’s Pick. From A.O. Scott’s Times review: “‘Morris From America,’ Chad Hartigan’s charming new film, begins with a father-son discussion of hip-hop, an argument about beats, flows and hooks. It’s partly an affectionate intergenerational dispute; 13-year-old Morris [Markees Christmas] is skeptical of his father’s old-school dogma, while his dad, Curtis [Craig Robinson], dismisses his son’s taste as too pop. The conversation also provides a clue about the movie’s own strategies. It’s a pop confection with a rough, honest texture, real but not raw and suffused with an infectious sweetness that lingers after the final shot.” Read more…)

sausage_partySausage Party (adult animated feature comedy, Bill Hader. Rotten Tomatoes: 83%. Metacritic: 66. Believe it or not, a New York Times Critic’s Pick! From A.O. Scott’s Times review: “The opening barrage of profanity serves as a tactical warning to parents who might have wandered in with their kids on the assumption that this was a cute little cartoon about the secret lives of groceries. Which it is, actually. But if you do bring the little ones — not that I condone it! — you may have to answer questions not only about what all those veggies and snacks are doing during the extended supermarket orgy scene, but also about the existence of God. In adult company, you might find yourself debating whether the film is a Christopher Hitchens-style atheist polemic or a more pragmatic, William Jamesian exploration of the varieties of religious experience. I won’t spoil that one for you.” Read more…)

Phantom Boy (animated feature, Fred Armisen [voice]. Rotten Tomatoes: 86%. Metacritic: 66. From Glenn Kenny’s New York Times review:”The 2010 animated film ‘A Cat in Paris’ was a nifty enough confection to have been nominated for an Academy Award; ‘Phantom Boy’ is the second effort from its directors, Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli, and it’s not nearly as nifty, alas.” Read more…)

Anne of Green Gables (new version, Ella Valentine. Rotten Tomatoes: 83%. Metacritic: 66.)

New Blu-Ray
Taxi Driver

New Foreign DVDs
loloLolo (France, romance/comedy, Julie Delpy. Rotten Tomatoes: 52%. Metacritic: 50. From Nicolas Rapold’s New York Times review: “With ‘Lolo,’ Julie Delpy [‘2 Days in New York’] makes a much simpler addition to her prickly, idiosyncratic comedies, which have doubled as a frank running commentary on life [as with her roles in Richard Linklater’s films]. In Ms. Delpy’s broadest effort yet — which she directs, and wrote with Eugénie Grandval — she plays a Paris fashionista who dotes on a snooty son and finds their clingy bond getting in the way of a rejuvenating romance.” Read more…)

Tikkun (Israel, drama, Aharon Traitel. Rotten Tomatoes: 94%. Metacritic: 71. From A.O. Scott’s New York Times review:”A heady, sometimes headlong blend of fable and nightmare, with overtones of David Lynch and Franz Kafka and arresting wide-screen black-and-white images, Avishai Sivan’s second feature, ‘Tikkun,’ is the latest evidence of the vitality of Israeli cinema, which has recently been moving away from politics-inflected realism in wilder, more allegorical directions. It is set within the insular world of Jerusalem’s Hasidic Jews, and also in a dream world of the director’s own devising, a place where faith, skepticism and lust entwine in disturbing and surprising ways.” Read more…)

New British
Janet King: Series 1

New Television
Outlander: Season 1 Vol. 2

New Documentaries
Rockaway: Before and After (urban life, history, ecology)

New Children’s DVDs
Anne of Green Gables (new version, Ella Valentine)

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