New releases 3/29/22

New Blu-Ray & Ultra HD 4K
Ham on Rye (comedy/indie, Haley Bodell. Rotten Tomatoes: 96%. Metacritic: 80. A New York Times Critic’s Pick. From Glenn Kenny’s Times review: “With his first feature, the director and co-writer Tyler Taormina delivers something at first familiar and then increasingly — but never ostentatiously — strange. ‘Ham on Rye’ can be taken as an allegory for middle-class suburban life in America, but it’s got added value as a potent mood piece, accomplished with a bare minimum of means.” Read more…)

The Apartment 4K (1960, Billy Wilder drama/comedy, Jack Lemmon. Rotten Tomatoes: 93%, Certified Fresh. Metacritic: 94, Must See. From Bosley Crowther’s 1960 New York Times review [requires log-in]: “You might not think a movie about a fellow who lends his rooms to the married executives of his office as a place for their secret love affairs would make a particularly funny or morally presentable show, especially when the young fellow uses the means to get advanced in his job. But under the clever supervision of Billy Wilder, who helped to write the script, then produced and directed ‘The Apartment,’ which opened at the Astor and the Plaza yesterday, the idea is run into a gleeful, tender and even sentimental film. And it is kept on the side of taste and humor by the grand performance of Jack Lemmon in the principal role.” Read more…)

New Foreign DVDs
Brighton 4th (Georgia, drama/comedy, Levan Tediashvili. Rotten Tomatoes: 87%. Metacritic: 77. From Nicolas Rapold’s New York Times review: “Georgia’s cinematic exports have bloomed recently with innovative and challenging films such as ‘What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?,’ ‘Beginning’ and ‘Taming the Garden.’ Levan Koguashvili’s ‘Brighton 4th’ offers a more straightforward style of storytelling as it sends an aging ex-wrestler from the capital city of Tbilisi to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, to help his wayward son.” Read more…)

The Sommerdahl Murders: Series 1 & 2 (Denmark, crime procedural series, Peter Mygind)
Family Business: Series 1 & 2 (France, dramedy series, Catherine Marchal)

New Documentaries
Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America (race, American history, civil rights, Jeffrey Robinson. Rotten Tomatoes: 98%, Certified Fresh. Metacritic: 89. A New York Times Critic’s Pick. From Ben Kenigsberg’s Times review: “It’s unlikely that any lecture documentary since ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ has had the galvanizing potential of ‘Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America’ — and if that sounds like faint praise, it isn’t meant that way. The film presents a talk that the lawyer Jeffery Robinson (a former deputy legal director at the A.C.L.U.) gave at Town Hall in New York on Juneteenth 2018. His subject is nothing less than the history of anti-Black racism in the United States.” Read more…)

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