New releases 5/31/22

Top Hits
Ted K (bio/drama, Sharlto Copley. Rotten Tomatoes: 85%. Metacritic: 70. From Beatrice Loayza’s New York Times review: “The film is a tad reductive, leaning too heavily on currently fashionable explanations for why lonely white men resort to violence. But Stone makes up for it with some magnificently eerie moments.” Read more…)

New Foreign DVDs
Indemnity (South Africa, action, Jarrid Geduld. Rotten Tomatoes: 83%. Metacritic: 57. from Devika Girish’s New York Times review: “A South African thriller haunted by the ghosts of many Hollywood blockbusters past, ‘Indemnity’ trades plausibility and originality for a worthy substitute: a great deal of fun.” Read more…)

The Burning Sea (Norway, eco-thriller/disaster movie, Kristine Kujath Thorp. Rotten Tomatoes: 70%. Metacritic: 47. From Jeannette Catsoulis’ New York Times review: “If the machinations of the plot are a tad rickety, its geologic premise is inarguably stable. Tucking a simple romance inside a disaster thriller, the director John Andreas Andersen uses an oil-rig collapse off the coast of Norway to deliver a dire warning of environmental disruption.” Read more…)

New American Back Catalog DVDs (post-1960)
Mississippi Masala (1991, drama/romance, Criterion Collection, Denzel Washington. Rotten Tomatoes: 91%, Certified Fresh. Metacritic: 78. From J. Hoberman’s 2022 New York Times “Rewind” column: “The pop iconography of chain restaurants, motels and gas stations [as well as Hindu shrines] is characteristic of 1980s independent films. But Nair’s storybook ending is more ’90s, recalling the post-Cold War golden age when it seemed that American notions of ‘freedom’ and self-invention reigned supreme.” Read more…)