New releases 6/20/17

Top Hits
Morgan (thriller, Kate Mara. Rotten Tomatoes: 40%. Metacritic: 48. From Jeannette Catsoulis’ New York Times review: “That ‘Morgan’ is a movie about genetics is somehow appropriate, given that the origins of its director, Luke Scott, will be an inescapable component of any discussion of its merits. Unveiling a first feature seems stressful enough; but when your father is peeking over your shoulder as one of the producers, and he’s none other than Ridley Scott — who, with ‘Alien’ and ‘Blade Runner,’ gave us two of the most memorable science-fiction films of the past 40 years — then the weight of expectation must be especially daunting.” Read more…)

Bitter Harvest (historic drama set in 1930s Ukraine/romance, Max Irons. Rotten Tomatoes: 10%. Metacritic: 34. From Jeannette Catsoulis’ New York Times review: “Politics, romance, faith and famine are mashed into a single misshapen meatball in ‘Bitter Harvest,’ which follows two Ukrainian lovebirds through a mass starvation in the early 1930s known as the Holodomor.” Read more…)

New Blu-Ray
Life (sci-fi, Jake Gyllenhaal. Rotten Tomatoes: 67%. Metacritic: 54. From Ben Kenigsberg’s New York Times review: “In an opening sequence, ‘Life’ allows viewers to float through an international space station. The camera zips around corners and turns upside-down in a feat of impossible [and most likely effects-massaged] cinematography. It’s tempting to tune out the exposition and simply concentrate on the director Daniel Espinosa’s dazzling imagery, even if it now looks familiar from ‘Gravity’ and ‘Avatar.'” Read more…)

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