New releases 7/4/17

Top Hits
The Zookeeper’s Wife (World War II-era drama set in Poland, Jessica Chastain. Rotten Tomatoes: 61%. Metacritic: 57. From Stephen Holden’s New York Times review: “‘Schindler’s List’ With Pets’: That’s my suggested alternate title for ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife.’ This mild-mannered Holocaust film probably wasn’t conceived as family fare but is so timid and sanitized it almost feels safe for children. Except for its scenes involving animals, this handsome, excessively fastidious screen adaptation of Diane Ackerman’s 2007 nonfiction best seller is a polite but pallid recycling of Holocaust movie tropes with epic pretensions. The book tells the true story of a Polish couple who rescued about 300 Jews from the Warsaw ghetto during the Holocaust and sheltered them in their zoo.” Read more..)

Song to Song (romance/music, Rooney Mara. Rotten Tomatoes: 46%. Metacritic: 53. A New York Times Critic’s Pick. From Manohla Dargis’ Times review: “One of the loveliest images in ‘Song to Song,’ the latest from Terrence Malick, is of ripples expanding across a small pool of water, echoes of a woman’s quick step. Mr. Malick, one of cinema’s philosopher kings, embraces fluidity as a visual principle and his films are filled with life’s ebb and flow — its swirling waters, swooping birds, stirring trees, billowing curtains, and gliding people and cameras. He loves silence and stillness, and the image of sunlight caressing a woman’s motionless face. But he is a searcher, and that searching informs his visual style with its restless, moving pictures.” Read more…)

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