Price increase on individual rentals, 4-for-4 special effective Mon., Aug. 1

Best_Video_RevisedNow that we are a non-profit, we are moving to a membership library model.

But in order to ensure that we are accessible to as many people in the community as possible, we have continued to offer the one time rentals, the 4-for-4 and other legacy rental options.  After 8 months of operation, the new cultural center has taken a close look at economic viability and we, with great regret, must raise the price of our one-off rentals.

As of Mon. Aug. 1, individual rentals (and 2-for-1 rentals Mondays through Wednesdays) will rise to $4.50. Four-for-four rentals will increase from $14.20 to $14.50. The rental cost of individual Blu-Ray discs ($5.05) will remain the same.

It has been over 10 years since a price increase (that wasn’t to compensate for increased sales taxes) even though expenses have increased in multiplicity during that time. We’ve avoided increasing prices in the past but to stay true to our mission—which in part is simply to “be there” for the community—we must be vigilant and responsible to run our non-profit with due diligence.

There are, of course, the new membership options—the 1-Movie Plan ($10 per month), 2-Movie Plan ($20 per month) and 4-Movie Plan ($30 per month). Hundreds of community members have taken advantage of these new plans, either through recurring monthly payments or by paying for a year up front (getting either a 10% discount or two extra months on the first year free).

We’re all in this together. We appreciate the support of the community, either through the price increase or signing up for one of the new plans—and getting to watch more, more, more movies at less cost.

Thanks for your understanding and ongoing support.

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