Re the rumors: We’re sticking around!

Perhaps you’ve heard rumors that Best Video is closing. Best Video is not closing.

But there are changes. Hank Paper, Best Video’s owner, has sold the building in which the store is located. The new owner wants to keep the store as a tenant and we intend to stay. But the new owner will be taking one-third of the space—where the Coffee Bar and Performance Space are currently situated—for his own business.

This means that we will have to fit all that we do—maintain our extensive wonderful video archive, present performances and have a Coffee Bar—in a smaller footprint. And we intend to keep doing all that we do. The Performance Space will be moved and the Coffee Bar will be moved.

If you come into the store, you will see that cabinets are being moved and sections being rearranged. All the new releases—Top Hits, New Foreign, New TV, etc.—will be on one wall. Browsing will be different—please feel free to ask for help from the staff. That can’t be stressed enough: Please ask the staff for help in finding what you are looking for!

We know there is a lot of support for the store in the community. We’re developing exciting new strategies for our continued vitality. As the changes develop, we will keep you posted and ask for your support.

It’s harder to be better than “Best” but that’s what we’re shooting for.

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