Remainder of “Great Beach and Water Movies” film series suspended

We had a lively discussion at last night’s screening of “A River Runs Through It.” Unfortunately, the turnout was not large enough to cover the cost of the rights to screen the film. For this reason—we aren’t currently in a position to run events at a loss—we are putting off the remainder of the series for the time being.

But that doesn’t mean we’re giving up on film screenings in the Performance Space. Not by a long shot.

We expect to begin a series in late October in collaboration with Temple Beth Sholom (the synagogue covers the performance rights and dues-paying synagogue members can attend for free). Details will be forthcoming in future email newsletters.

Yale Dean of Academic Affairs Mark Schenker will present a program on four consecutive Sundays in January on “How to Read 4 Hitchcock Films.”

If you want to encourage film screenings and support Best Video, consider sponsoring one of your favorite movies here. Best Video member Christopher Sharrett—who teaches film criticism at Seton Hall University—is doing just that in November. Sharrett will introduce and lead a discussion of the classic 1960’s conspiracy thriller “Seven Days in May” on Thursday, Nov. 20.

You can choose a favorite film of yours, introduce it, have it screened in our Performance Space on the 100-inch screen and lead the post-film discussion. Interested in showing a film but don’t want to be the one introducing it or leading the discussion? One of Best Video’s film-savvy staff can do that with your input.

Where does the part about “supporting Best Video” come into play? In order to stay on the right side of the law, it’s necessary to pay for the performance licensing rights to show films (usually $100 for a screening). Best Video member John McNamara has introduced two of his favorite films—THE THIRD MAN and LOCAL HERO—and helped lead the post-film discussions. In both cases, McNamara paid the performance rights so the films could be shown—and Best Video could make some income from the admission charges.

Paying for the performance rights helps support Best Video by bolstering our programming and our bottom line.

Cover the performance rights—perhaps in collaboration with friends to split the cost—and show your favorite film in Best video Performance Space. Go home feeling like a star.

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