Advance giving has begun in The Great Give! Follow our social media for Great Give-related events & hints on how to maximize the impact of your support

The Great Give® 2022 takes place from 8 AM, May 4, through 8 PM, May 5.

Advance giving has already begun! You can contribute now to help support Best Video Film & Cultural Center. Click here for BVFCC’s main Great Give® page. But scroll down for suggestions on how your support can have even more impact and help us win additional dollars in prize money and matching funds. And follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-the-minute reports and suggestions on how to support our campaign.

The Great Give®, a 36-hour fundraising marathon coordinated by the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, is a financial lifeline for hundreds of cultural and social action non-profits in the greater New Haven area. And BVFCC is no exception.

Last year, we raised some $60,000 in The Great Give® (after raising $50,000 in 2020). Those funds were crucial to sustaining us through the (still ongoing) lean pandemic months. They enabled us to invest in a beautiful outdoor deck in 2020 so we could present two dozen music shows safely that fall and another 100 in 2021.

The money you donated allowed us to help organize the 2020 Hamden Black Film Mini-Series and to continue to expand our renowned movie library. And now that we are having indoor events, these funds play an important role in funding our expanded film screening programming. Already this year, we have had a series on feminist filmmakers and one on great music concert/festival documentaries. In May, we’ve scheduled screenings of four “Contemporary Classics of International Cinema” to be presented by scholars affiliated with Yale Film & Media Studies Program.


Ways you can make your best gift go farther and have more impact:

• Become a BVFCC Fundraising Champion with a page of your own and raise—with our help—$200 or more from two or more donors (one of whom could be you). If you are interested in being a Fundraising Champion, contact us at execdir [AT]

• If you can’t be a Fundraising Champion yourself, help our Fundraising Champions reach their goal of raising $200 from two or more donors by donating through those pages that haven’t yet hit $200. (Links to Fundraising Champions pages can be found at the bottom of our main BVFCC Great Give® page.) Last year, all 100 of our Fundraising Champions made their goal, which secured us the $5,000 “You’ve Got Friends” prize.

Other ways you can support us in our Great Give® campaign:

• Display a “Support Best Video Film & Cultural Center in The Great Give®” lawn signs on your front lawn—they are available for pickup at Best Video!

• Share links to our Best Video Great Give® page on social media—get the word out!

• Attend our two Great Give® social events. As part of our promotion of The Great Give®, we will have happy hours on Sat., Apr. 30, 3-5 PM, and on the first day of The Great Give®, Wed., May 4, from 7-9 PM. Guitarist Robert Messore will play incidental music at the Sat., Apr. 30, event; we will have delicious free snacks and half-price drinks. On Wed., May 4, we will have a social hour from 7-8 PM. At 8 PM, the Brazilian music duo Isabella Mendes and Flavio Lira will play. It is the “Bank of America Raise the Curtain Power Hour” and the more of our supporters who make donations during that hour, the more of a share we will receive from Bank of America’s pool of matching funds for performing arts and visual arts organizations.

We look forward to continue to work on our mission of bringing people, film, and music together and it’s your support in The Great Give® that makes that possible.


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