Film Screening: “Being John Malkovich” on Mon., Mar. 3, at 7 PM—reserve now!

So many of the movies playing today are formula, by-the-numbers. In truth, that has probably always been the case. But every now and then a film that is truly original somehow manages to get funded and released. One such movie—written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Spike Jonze—is “Being John Malkovich.”

“Being John Malkovich” will be screened on Best Video’s 120″ projection screen on Monday, March 3, at 7 PM as part of the ongoing “Complex and Compelling” film series. Admission is $5.

This is what critic Roger Ebert had to say about the movie when it was released:

What an endlessly inventive movie this is! Charlie Kaufman, the writer of “Being John Malkovich,” supplies a stream of dazzling inventions, twists and wicked paradoxes. And the director, Spike Jonze, doesn’t pounce on each one like fresh prey, but unveils it slyly, as if there’s more where that came from. Rare is the movie where the last half hour surprises you just as much as the first, and in ways you’re not expecting. The movie has ideas enough for half a dozen films, but Jonze and his cast handle them so surely that we never feel hard-pressed; we’re enchanted by one development after the next.

A unique and beguiling movie, it will be introduced by Best Video owner Hank Paper, who will also lead what promises to be a lively post-film discussion. Admission is $5 and reservations are recommended.

This is the remaining schedule for “Complex and Compelling”:


• Monday, Mar. 10: BABEL

• Monday, Mar. 17: MEMENTO

• Monday, Mar. 24: MULHOLLAND DRIVE

New film series “Complex and Compelling” starts Mon., Feb. 17

The next Best Video/Temple Beth Sholom film series collaboration begins Monday, Feb. 17. The theme this time is “Complex and Compelling: Fun Movies That Make You Think.” Best Video owner Hank Paper and Rabbi Benjamin Scolnic will take turns presenting and leading discussions of six unique and stirring films that not only make you think but change the way you think. All movies start at 7 PM and admission is $5 (free for members of Temple Beth Sholom).


This is the schedule for “Complex and Compelling”:

• Monday, Feb. 17: “The Big Sleep”

• Monday, Feb. 24: “American Beauty”

• Monday, Mar. 3: “Being John  Malkovich”

• Monday, Mar. 10: “Babel”

• Monday, Mar. 17: “Memento”

• Monday, Mar. 24: “Mulholland Drive”