Goodnight Blue Moon on the Best Video deck Thurs., June 24

Goodnight Blue Moon plays the Best Video Film & Cultural Center deck Thursday, June 24, starting at 5 PM.

Goodnight Blue Moon is an americana/indie-folk band that writes great songs and puts on an outstanding show. Whether it’s traditional sea chanties or through-composed orchestral pop, their arrangements are thoughtful and their melodies are contagious.

Mat Crowley plays mandolin and guitar; Erik Elligers plays acoustic guitar. Their voices blend in fine harmony. They play this show in their quartet format with Nancy Matlack on cello and banjo and Vicki Hayes Wepler on violin.

The Best Video cafe will be open and serving coffee, wine, and beer.

We ask respect for social distancing, please, and conscientiousness on masks. Not everybody is vaccinated yet and our venue wants to advise caution and consideration for others. Masks are required inside Best Video.

No cover charge but please bring cash for the musicians’ tip jar. This has been a real hard time for musicians, almost all of whom have seen their live performance income dry up. There will also be a donation vase set out for Best Video.

Parking available behind Best Video and on Thornton Street.

Dr. Caterwaul’s, Leg Up Best Video deck Thurs., Apr. 22, show rescheduled to Sun., May 2

UPDATE, Thurs. morning, Apr. 22: Due to the expected cold temps today, this show has been rescheduled to Sun., May 2, at 5 PM.

Dr. Caterwaul’s Cadre of Clairvoyant Claptraps and Leg Up share the bill on the Best Video Film & Cultural Center deck on Thursday, Apr. 22. The music starts at 5 PM.

Dr. Caterwaul’s Cadre of Clairvoyant Claptraps plays music from around the world and uses it as a launching pad for improvisations that never lose their sense of groove—whether it’s Colombian cumbias, Ethiopian jazz, Romanian horas, Argentinian tangos, traditional music from the United States, or original songs by accordionist and singer Adam Matlock.

The members of Dr. Caterwaul’s are Adam Matlock, Brian Slattery, Chris Cretella, Mike Tepper, and Michael Paolucci.

Leo and Brian Slattery (Leg Up) are two musicians—son and father—who have used the quarantine as a chance to work up their swing repertoire with son on violin and father on guitar. Come hang for a happy hour of tunes ranging from Louis Armstrong and Cole Porter to Antonio Carlos Jobim and Django Reinhardt, in all likelihood punctuated by banter filled with outrageous puns.

We ask respect for social distancing, please, and masks are mandatory. (Yes, you can lower them to take a drink but please raise them up again.)

No cover charge but please bring cash for the musicians’ tip jar. This has been a real hard time for musicians, almost all of whom have seen their live performance income dry up.

Parking available behind Best Video and on Thornton Street.

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Music: Folk, country, and blues from Coda Blue Wed., Dec. 18

Coda Blue

Coda Blue plays Best Video Performance Space Wednesday, Dec. 18. The music starts at 8 PM and the cover is a sliding scale of $5-10 (pay what you can in that range).

Coda Blue brings together three New Haven area musicians—Louis Audette, James Weisser and Ron Guerrette—to play their unique arrangements of blues, country and folk songs, as well as some originals. They will be joined at this show by Tim Quinn on harmonica.

The members of this trio have played in a variety of settings and each brings a wealth of understanding and experience to their performances.

Louis Audette on bass provides a solid foundation for the music. He started out playing with the Grey Sky Boys and then with the Greenbriar Boys. He chose not to follow that band when they hit the road to back Joan Baez. As he explains it, he was “tied to the mast.” He helped Frank and Barbara Shaw to start the popular bluegrass band Shoregrass. He has played in other bands: CornBread, the Moonshiners, Fairfield Crossing, and Chicks ‘n Sync. Louis is also a member of the ZuZazz String Orkestra.

James Weisser adds guitar and vocals to the mix. He has been known to pull out a blues harp. He will sometimes double on mandolin or concert ukulele. He is half of the songwriting duo of Nyren and Weisser. James founded the duo Woodrock with Steve Nyren. The duo performed in many of the venues in and around New Haven. As a founding member of the Dudley Farm String Band he played guitar and provided the lead vocals.

Ron Guerrette, an acoustic finger style and slide guitar player also known to torture an electric guitar from time to time, has played in many settings. The name of the trio is derived from Ron’s uncanny “ability” to tag any song with an unusually long ending. These inventive codas challenge an audience to determine if a song has reached its conclusion. Ron provides vocals as needed.

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Music: Acoustic folk from The Steve Nystrup Trio, Hugh Blumenfeld Trio Fri., Dec. 6, at 7:30 PM

The Steve Nystrup Trio and the Hugh Blumenfeld Trio play Best Video Performance Space Friday, Dec. 6. The show starts at 7:30 PM and the cover is $10.

Steve Nystrup Trio is a true family affair. Steve on guitar and vocals, his son Aaron on bass guitar and wife Maureen Wasik on lead vocals “blend perfectly to make transcendent and uplifting music. Whatever they play becomes their own (not to mention their own compositions!).” The band plays a colorful mix of folk, blues, Americana and popular songs. The harmonies are tight and the interplay between father and son on guitar and bass is always compelling!

Steve is an award winning guitarist, composer and educator. His music has been featured on several “Folk Next Door” CD”s from WWUH and on many CT Classical Guitar Society recordings. Maureen has been singing all her life and is well know to audiences in NYC and along the CT shore where she has performed as a member of Acoustic Exile, Freefall, and Step Edna. Aaron has been playing bass guitar with his dad since he was 14 years old and appears on several recordings with him. He lives in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY and is a member of the very popular band Everest Cale.

Hugh Blumenfeld has been called “a songwriter’s songwriter,” ranging from romantic ballads to biting satire. The Boston Globe described his work as “words and music full of passion and poetry” while DJ/columnist Ed McKeon calls him “as sharp a political and social satirist as any songwriter writing today.”

Hugh has performed across the U.S. and abroad, with tours in Europe and Israel. He opened the Kerrville Folk Festival in 2000 and closed the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival with Ani DiFranco in 1996. He has played house concerts and coffeehouses as well as major clubs and theatres including NYC’s legendary Bottom Line, D.C.’s Birchmere, Philly’s Theatre of Living Arts, and the Kennedy Performance Center’s Millenium Stage series.

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Music: Nate Trier, Sarah LeMieux, Nahadoth (Adam Matlock) perform Fri., Nov. 29, 7:30 PM

Solo musicians Nate Trier, Sarah LeMieux, and Nahadoth (Adam Matlock) play Best Video Performance Space Friday, Nov. 29. The show starts at 7:30 PM and the cover is a sliding scale of $5-10 (pay what you can in that range).

Nate Trier.

Dubbed a “Rosetta Stone” by the New Haven Independent for making atonal music accessible, Nate Trier is a composer, improviser, and recording artist who creates lyrical melodies with piano and accordion that alight on churning soundscapes of buzzes, hums, and crackling static. French new-music website L’Autre Musique featured his approach to music notation as an exemplar of “new forms of writing sound and music distant from the traditional Western scoring.” The 48th International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt distributed a recording of his music to participants. Trier also curated and performed 15 one-minute graphic scores as part of New York City-based Composer’s Voice “Fifteen Minutes of Fame” series.

Trier unifies his disparate influences in jazz improvisation, classical counterpoint, and noise music into a style of music that begins with a conceptual motive and unfolds out into a complete piece. At times it may remind the listener of Erik Satie, spectralism, and ‘90’s industrial hip-hop. Ultimately, Trier’s music embodies the spirit of improvisation within a framework free of tonality and, at times, pitch.

Sarah LeMieux.

Sarah LeMieux grew up making music, with a mom who studied and taught French folk and classical guitar, a dad who played the blues, and a little brother who kept everyone awake with the drums. Her work in New York City as a session vocalist and guitarist, in studios and on stages, created many opportunities to interpret, create and absorb a broad spectrum of music, and inspired her to create and perform original work.

Sarah earned her MFA in Music Composition at Vermont College of Fine Arts, an experience which greatly enriched her musical palette, and led to new explorations in electroacoustic and soundscape music. Sarah’s compositions and performances have graced the stages of the National Women in Blues Festival, the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, Infinity Hall, and International Women Arts (SWAN) Day Festivals, as well as radio stations from Australia to Japan. Sarah’s jazz quintet has won “Best Jazz” three times at the Connecticut Music Awards, and Album of the Year for 2015. She couldn’t do any of it without her wonderful husband and amazing kids.

Adam Matlock aka Nahadoth.

Adam Matlock works as an accordionist, composer, vocalist, and educator living and working in New Haven, CT. Matlock writes songs under the name An Historic, building narratives accompanied by musical inspirations from Balkan music and Klezmer, Soul, and various strains of rock. Under the name Nahadoth, Matlock performs ethereal keyboard music in a style known as dungeon synth, creating images inspired by history and fantasy, filtered through a dreamlike haze. He also composes under his own name, most notably the opera Red Giant(2014) for 6 piece ensemble and three singers, and Earthseed Songs (2012) for voice and two instrumentalists.

Matlock also began to expand his role as a performer in 2009, playing original music and interpretations with projects including An Historic, Broadcloth, Gzara, and Dr. Caterwaul’s Cadre of Clairvoyant Claptraps. He has recorded, performed, or improvised with artists including Anthony Braxton, Mario Pavone, Ceschi, Vinny Golia, Sigh, and Clara Engel, and works as a group and private teacher in the New Haven area.

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Music: Naomi Sommers & Dan Tressler play Fri., Sept. 27, at 8 PM

The duo of Naomi Sommers and Dan Tressler play Best Video Performance Space Friday, Sept. 27. The show starts at 8 PM and the cover is $10.

Naomi and Dan draw from the traditions of American folk music, bluegrass and blues, using skills honed in their respective family bands. Their repertoire includes original songs, traditional and old-time country tunes. The pair first started as a duo 20 years ago and have now reunited for new musical adventures, featuring sweet vocal harmonies, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, flute, banjo.

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Music: Jeff Piscitelli & Karen Hogg Duo, Serafina Thurs., Sept. 26

The Jeff Piscitelli and Karen Hogg Duo and the trio Serafina play Best Video Performance Space on Thursday, Sept. 26. The show starts at 8 PM and the cover is a sliding scale of $5-10 (pay what you can in that range).

Guitarist Jeffrey Piscitelli and mandolinist Karen Hogg (pictured, left) are two local musicians who play a diverse blend of swing, gypsy jazz, bluegrass, blues, and all points in between. Piscitelli plays in the Connecticut rock group Outside Reality and has studied guitar with Shawn Persinger. While he has performed in many local rock bands over the years, his love of classical and jazz led him to explore sounds beyond the typical classic rock fare. His influences range from Miles Davis to Bela Bartok to Randy Rhoads.

Multi-instrumentalist Karen Hogg is a prolific performer, author, and educator. Her influences are wide-ranging with a foundation in American Roots music. As a mandolinist, she has listened to greats such as Jethro Burns, Norman Blake, and Simon Mayor. A sought-after side-person as a mandolinist and guitarist, Hogg plays with several area groups. Piscitelli and Hogg bonded together over a shared interest in pushing musical boundaries and exploring new sounds.

Serafina is a musical trio born in a magical, invisible forest somewhere in the deep wilderness of Fair Haven. Equal parts whimsy, chaos, tradition, and sorcery, they aim to lead listeners down a sonic yellow brick road. Serafina is Anne Cherry on violin/piano/vocal, Shula Weinstein on cello/guitar/vocals, and Karen Hogg on mandolin/guitar/vocals.

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Music: GuitarTownCT presents Lula Wiles Sat., May 11, at 7:30 PM

GuitarTownCT Concerts presents Lula Wiles at Best Video Performance Space on Saturday, May 11. The show starts at 7:30 PM. Advance tickets are $25 and are available through

Lula Wiles are a Boston based trio, whose twang tinged original songs, beautiful harmonies and stage chemistry are rocking them to the top of the Americana music world. They are a little more rockin’ than the usual GuitartownCT bands.

What will we do? For Lula Wiles, the trio made up of Isa Burke, Eleanor Buckland, and Mali Obomsawin, the question is central to the creation of their music—and it’s the title of their new album. “We wanted to make an album that reflected, in a current way, what we are all staying up late thinking about and talking about over drinks at the dinner table,” says Obomsawin. “What is everyone worried about, confiding in their friends about, losing sleep about?” On What Will We Do, the band’s sophomore album, the trio’s voices burn, twist together, mingle, and rise like smoke signaling changes to come. But anchoring that delicate touch is a mastery of folk music —and a willingness to subvert its hallowed conventions.

Long before they were in a band together, the members of Lula Wiles were singing folk songs and trading fiddle tunes at camp in Maine. “All of us were lucky to have access to the folk music community at a young age,” Burke says. “The music traditions that we’re drawing on are social, community-building traditions.” On those warm summer nights, playing music was just plain fun. But the members of Lula Wiles carry those early lessons of community and the meaning of shared art with them to this day, as they seek to create music that questions cultural virtues, soothes aching wounds, and envisions a better world.

Lula Wiles came of age in Boston, in the practice rooms of Berklee College of Music and the city’s lively roots scene. In 2016, the band self-released Lula Wiles, a sensitive, twang-tinged collection of originals. Since then, they have toured internationally, winning fans at the Newport Folk Festival and the Philadelphia Folk Festival, and sharing stages with the likes of Aoife O’Donovan, the Wood Brothers, and Tim O’Brien.

Now, the release of What Will We Do on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings places the group squarely in line with some of its deepest influences, from the protest anthems of Woody Guthrie to the trailblazing songs of Elizabeth Cotten and Hazel Dickens. (Even the band’s name is a twist on an old Carter Family song.)

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Music: “Three chords and the truth” from The Bluegrass Characters Tues., Apr. 30, at 7:30

The Bluegrass Characters will play Best Video Performance Space on Tuesday, Apr. 30. The show starts at 7:30 PM and the cover is $5.

Formerly led by the great Stacy Phillips—who tragically passed away last year—The Bluegrass Characters are a local bluegrass supergroup who play the great straight-ahead, hard-driving bluegrass from the 50s and 60s.

The group features a rotating cast of acoustic roots music virtuosos. This month’s line-up features Phil Zimmerman (mandolin), Tom Hagymasi (fiddle), Pete Kelly (bass), Joe “Pepe” Lemeris (banjo) and Andy Bromage (guitar). Three chords and the truth, sung from the heart and through the nose.

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Music: Christian Marrone Trio, Ghostwoods play Thrurs., Mar. 7

Christian Marrone brings his trio to Best Video Performance Space on Thursday, Mar. 7, for a show with Ghostwoods. The music starts at 8 PM and the cover is a sliding scale of $5-10 (pay what you want in that range).

Originally from the New Haven, Connecticut area solo artist Christian Marrone fuses social commentary in the tradition of Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan with the riffs and melodic hooks of The Ramones and The Replacements, to deliver urgent and anthemic message music. His forthcoming full length album “Don’t Sell Me Your Hate” (out in early April), is an 11-song adventure through his roots of Rock, Folk, Punk, and even Alt-Country. His lyrics shine for being honest and heartfelt, while carrying tongue in cheek humor and a healthy dose of snottiness; the emphasis always being on the message and the story.

From starting his first band at 12 years old and performing at the legendary Toad’s Place the same year, Christian has since fronted many original bands throughout his teenage years and twenties. In that time he’s shared the stage with international acts such as Murphy’s Law, nineties alt-rockers Local H, as well as members of Morphine, WEEN and Sound of Urchin. Playing first throughout southern Connecticut, he has since moved on to perform at the venues of New York’s East Village, as well as making festival appearances in the Catskills and the greater Boston area.

Now performing with a solid back-up band and solo acoustic, in his recent years he’s opened for punk rock legends Grant Hart (Husker Du), Jonny Two-Bags (Social Distortion), Tim Barry (AVAIL), Jesse Malin, as well as current folk/punk greats Dave Hause, Cory Branan, Two Cow Garage, Micah Schnabel, and Hamell on Trial. Keep an eye out for a music video for the title track of his album “Don’t Sell Me Your Hate” and 2019 tour dates.

Ghostwoods is a new project, from members of Breakthrough Frequencies, The Lively, and Yuppy Flu. Shows and music coming in 2019. Ghostwoods is an indie rock band from CT with influences all over the map. Their first single “New Leaves” will be out in early 2019 with a debut album to follow.

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