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Music: Synth pop and showmanship from Falconeer, Pearl Sugar on Thurs., Feb. 28, at 7:30 PM

Synth pop acts Falconeer and Pearl Sugar play Best Video Performance Space Thursday, Feb. 28. The show starts at 7:30 PM and the cover is a sliding scale in which you pay what you can/want from $5-10.

Falconeer is an instrumental audio/visual project bringing the spectacle back to live music in New Haven, Connecticut. Blending over the top synth pop and retro game influences, Falconeer builds on vintage synthesizers, modified videogame consoles, and a bit of tongue-in-cheek nostalgia for hyperbolic electronic hits of the 80s to make a sound somewhere between Kraftwerk and LCD Soundsystem.

As a performance Falconeer uses mechanized sounds, but the human element never leaves the equation. All of the songs have a goal, and the whole production is carried out by one man, live on stage, The culmination of years of experimentation with electronics and chasing classic sounds, Falconeer began in earnest in 2017 with a collection of animated and constantly moving tracks that conjure dreams of electric sheep.

Pearl Sugar is the synth-pop project of Hartford, Connecticut musician Chris Bugnacki. In his writing, Bugnacki delves deep into childhood memories and dreams to present lyrics that blur the distinction between dreamworld and reality. The stories in his songs are nothing short of cinematic, and the heavy use of synths and drum machines serve as the perfect score for his revelations. The textures and instrumentation Bugnacki employs will undoubtedly bring 80s dance and house music to mind, as well as the melodic bounce of beloved pop ballads of the past. Bugnacki released his debut EP Alright this past April and has since continued writing and recording in his bedroom.

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