The 50×50’s, Xur play Fri., Nov. 12, at 7 PM

The 50×50’s and Xur play Best Video Film & Cultural Center Fri., Nov. 12. The show starts at 7 PM and the cover is $10.

As this is an indoors show, the following covid protocols apply: maximum attendance of 30, proof of vaccination required at the door, and masks required.

The 50×50’s technically, and unintentionally started back in 2009 when deto-22 of phenetiks and fellow AFA member, Sketch tha Cataclysm, started their joint project “The Sharing is Caring EP”. The pair remained in each others musical orbits until the 10 year anniversary of the same project. That re-release opened the door to some new found focus and a perfect balance of work ethics, and so, The 50×50’s were officially formed. A combination which strives to push forward their genre with experimentation in form, songwriting, depth and the pure joy of creation. The 50×50’s are a production team, MC’s, songwriters, performers, graphic designers, videographers, directors, editors, and curators.

From the depths of deep space, XUR (Xylophones Under Rooftops) is an avant-garde metal band dedicated to upending social norms and upsetting the system. Featuring drummer Xaphan and guitarist/bassists James Hooker and Henry Levitt, XUR throws the rules of music upside down, blending hardcore punk with a mix of jazz, funk, and noise.

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Rock with The Shellye Valauskas Experience Sat., Oct. 23

The Shellye Valauskas Experience plays the Best Video Film & Cultural Center deck Sat., Oct. 23, 2021. The show starts at 5 PM.

Based in the New Haven area, Shellye Valauskas and Dean Falcone have been making music together for years. In addition to being Valauskas’ songwriting collaborator, bandmate & producer, Falcone has served the Connecticut music scene since the early ’80s with Jon Brion in The Excerpts, his own Dean and the Dragsters and a host of others. He has also worked on a national level collaborating with Norah Jones, Brian May (Queen), Aimee Mann, Lydia Loveless, Susannah Hoffs and Neko Case. Valauskas and Falcone’s shared love for the punchy pop of Crowded House, The Posies and Aimee Mann helped them nail a distinctive yet accessible radio-friendly sound from the start.

Valauskas and Falcone will be joined at this show by Brian Stevens (bass), Jim Balga (percussion), and Bruce Crowder (keyboards). The Shellye Valauskas Experience released their full-length LP “History of Panic” to rave reviews. Robert L. Ross at Popdose declared, “That’s the key thing – it satisfies on every level. The entire album. Listen to this and tell me you’re not instantly in love with it. It’s impossible to not be.”


We ask respect for social distancing, please, and conscientiousness on masks. Not everybody is vaccinated yet and our venue wants to advise caution and consideration for others. Masks are optional outside but required if you go inside Best Video.

No cover charge but please bring cash for the musicians’ tip jar. This has been a real hard time for musicians, almost all of whom have seen their live performance income dry up. (There will also be a Best Video tip jar for donations.)

Parking available behind Best Video and on Thornton Street.

Music: Happy Ending—featuring current & former Best Video executive directors Hank Hoffman & Richard Brown—play Sat., Feb. 15, with A Case of Space light show

Rock band Happy Ending—which features current and former BVFCC executive directors Hank Hoffman and Richard Brown—plays Best Video Performance Space on Saturday, Feb. 15. The cover is a sliding scale of pay-what-you-can between $5 and $10 and the show starts at 8 PM.

Happy Ending has released three albums. The most recent, “Electricity for the Youth of Today,” was recorded live at Best Video Performance Space in December of 2013. The vinyl LP and 45 “Have A Nice Day” came out in 1984 and the compact disc “Smile for the Camera” in 1996. John Foster, editor of Op Magazine, described “Have A Nice Day” as a “future cult item for the collectors.” Hank Hoffman sings and plays guitar; Richard Brown plays guitar and alto saxophone. Tom Smith is on drums and Randy Stone plays bass. Happy Ending’s music is influenced by 1960s pop, garage rock and psychedelia as well as punk and free jazz.

Writing about a Happy Ending show at Lyric Hall in June, 2017, New Haven Independent arts editor Brian Slattery observed, “With kaleidoscopic projections of faces, hands, drawings, and landscapes swirling behind the band, Happy Ending was at its best during its guitar freakouts, when [guest keyboardist Scott] Amore, Stone, and Smith created tossing waves of rhythm and Hoffman and Brown traded off solos and rhythm work seamlessly, giving the music a chance to fly.”

As they were last year, the group will be accompanied by an old school psychedelic liquid light show from A Case of Space.

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Music: Sid & Sonia, Gregory Frost play Best Video Sat., Feb. 1, at 7:30 PM

Sid & Sonia and Gregory Frost play Best Video Performance Space Sat., Feb. 1. The show starts at 7:30 PM and the cover is a sliding scale of $5-10 (pay what you can in that range).

Sid & Sonia blend Sonia’s sweetly powerful voice and unique styling and Sid’s musical versatility (on electric and acoustic guitar, harmonica, and piano). Their shows feature an eclectic selection of rock, folk, country, jazzy, gospel-tinged, and bluesy songs from then and now, arranged in often original and always distinctive ways. Boston-based, join them at one of their infrequent Connecticut performances.

Gregory Frost is a multi-talented musician and multi-media artist, prolific songwriter, longtime leader of the innovative bands Ghost Radio and Ice Brothers, and architect of two legendary Beatles shows at Sacred Heart University.

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Music: The Black Lodge Quartet plays Thurs., Jan. 30

Black Lodge Quartet plays Best Video Performance Space on Thursday, Jan. 30. The show starts at 8 PM and the cover is $10.

Black Lodge Quartet is a bluesy, jazzy, loungey rock band from Connecticut. Singer Lilly’s vocals range from sultry jazz club chanteuse to powerful blues/rock diva. Refined retro guitar, upright bass and jazzy drums provide the instrumental backdrop for this fun, surprising and sophisticated combo.

The seeds for Black Lodge Quartet were sown when Dan Surkis, founder and guitarist of surf instrumental band The Clams, was looking for a new challenge. One night he sat down with British blues legend Tim Elliot at a holiday party. Well into the deep musical dialog Tim said, of his daughter, “You know Lilly’s a great singer.” “Really!?” Dan replied nearly manifesting an illuminated light bulb over his head. Now Dan had met Lilly before, but knew the quiet and secretive Brit only as an artist. He had no idea she was also a singer. A patient but persistent string of offers to “try a couple of songs” with the band finally paid off. And she agreed to a one-off show as a guest vocalist with the Clams. By the time she finished belting out the first phrase of Blues favorite “Stormy Monday,” Dan knew he had found the challenge he was seeking.

That “one-off show” became Black Lodge Quartet. The Clams years of gigging and recording experience along with a healthy obsession for sound quality, allowed the group to quickly arrive at a sound complementary to Lilly’s powerful voice. The Line-up is completed by John Krawczyk who brings the depth with his five string fretless upright electric bass. And Paul Krampitz, a jazz/big band drummer who joined in late 2017, whose style adds an authentic jazz element that pulls together their unique sound. A sound that is part 30’s night club and part 60s house party.

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Music: Stomping garage rock by The 509ers, The Sparkomatics Fri., Sept. 13, at 7:30 PM

The 509ers and The Sparkomatics share a garage rock bill at Best Video Performance Space on Friday, Sept. 13. The show starts at 7:30 PM and the cover is a sliding scale of $5-10 (pay what you can in that range).

The 509ers are a garage rock outfit from New Haven, CT. They have been kicking around the local music scene in various configurations for nearly thirty years and formed as The 509ers in 2009. Former angry young men, now grizzled and older, The 509ers still have something to say about the state of the world and it is not complimentary… but it is honest, loud, and raw.

The 509ers played as Thing’s Fingers from 1987-91 in New Haven, CT . Post ’91, they continued in various configurations including FU69, the Cryptones, and the Danglers. The original members of Thing’s Fingers reformed with one addition in ’08 as the 509ers. In 2010 Fatty Benny, of The Crabs fame, took on occasional drumming duties until Chuck Love stepped in and took on full time duty on the skins.

The Sparkomatics are a heady brew of fuzz guitar, screaming organ, and a rock solid rhythm section. Taking a cue from the garage bands of the past, The Sparkomatics weave high energy original stompers with classic garage nuggets for a high energy show you won’t forget! The Sparkomatics are alive, plugged in, and ready to crawl out of the basement! Garage Rock n’ Roll from Bristol.

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Music: Semaphora, Them Airs play Thursday, Aug. 15, at 7:30 PM

Semaphora and Them Airs play Best Video Performance Space on Thursday, Aug. 15. The show starts at 7:30 PM and the cover is a sliding scale of $5-10 (pay what you can in that range).

Semaphora is the musical project of composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Lydia Arachne, whose songs draw inspiration from the peculiar lyrical insights of Kate Bush and the harmonic textures of Steely Dan. At its foundation, Semaphora is rock music, but with patches of jazz, reggae, and folk sewn in, all guided forward by dense, poetic lyrics about unconventional subjects.

Arachne (drums) will be joined for this show by Gina Rizzo (vocals), Jess Plude (keyboard), Ace Carlson (guitar), Kelly L’Heureux (bass), and making her debut as a part of the Semaphora family, Sarah Golley, whom the Connecticut scene will recognize from Tyrone Shoelaces, as well as her own incredible keyboard-and-voice solo performances.

Them Airs—formerly known as Mirror Waves—are an amorphous squadron of musical hotboys that include a wayward levee wash boy, a hypocritical graphic designer and a modernist architecture curator. Using a variety of pre-millennium gear, they make a big filthy mess influenced equally by the Canadian post-punk underground and childhood fever dreams.

What is it? Noise rock, post-punk, janglegaze, hip earth, antifa, you name it. Band members are Cade Williams, Evan Nork, Adam Cohen, and Nate Johnston.

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Music: Power pop from Lucy’s Neighbor Thurs., July 18

Lucy’s Neighbor plays Best Video Performance Space Thursday, July 18. The show starts at 8 PM and the cover is $5.

Lucy’s Neighbor—named after the Mrs. Matilda Trumbull character in the “I Love Lucy” Sitcom—is an original indie rock/power pop band from New Haven. The members are Derek Di Fronzo (vocals); Dave Esposito (guitar); Tom Quagliano (drums) and Ed Flynn (bass). They will be playing songs from their two self-released CDs, the self-titled “Lucy’s Neighbor” (2011) and “Over Easy” (2018).

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Music: Burning Sensations heat up Best Video Fri., June 21, at 8 PM

Burning Sensations play Best Video Performance Space on Friday, June 21. The show starts at 8 PM and the cover is a sliding scale of $5-10 (pay what you can in that range).

What would The Doors sound like if they met Weird Al in a brothel that they can’t afford? The Burning Sensations have cultivated their collective whimsy to beg the question. Scott Meikle sings in an uncanny sense of vaudeville pastiche beside Ronnie Demaio who delivers his own brand of enigmatic snarl on guitar. Joe Scialla anchors the quartet behind the drum kit while Will Iannuzzi simultaneously holds down the low end and endows his melodic wizardry on keys. The band relentlessly proves themselves live with their genre-bending compositions such as “Wanting More”, “Murky Waters”, and “Do Me” and on their upcoming debut album set for release in late summer 2019.

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Music: The Lost Weekend, Floating Lanterns share bill Fri., May 10

Rock groups The Lost Weekend and Floating Lanterns play Best Video Performance Space Friday, May 10. The show starts at 8 PM and the cover is a sliding scale of $5-10 (pay what you can).

The Lost Weekend is an independent alternative rock band based out of central and southern CT. Formed in Summer 2013, The Lost Weekend just released their first full-length LP “Denial,” recorded over the last three years. Fourteen original songs produced by The Lost Weekend. Singles: “Nothing Concrete” and “Different Than You Are.”

Art rock group Floating Lanterns was born in a bleak world during uncertain times. Searching for answers through art. The compositions are influenced by the experimental and truth seeking nature of the ’60s, and ’70s, with the ideals of a once promised, hopeful future. Art and melancholy under darkening skies.

Players are Jeff Cedrone (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Chris Serapiglia (bass, vocals), John C. Miller (synthesizers, electronics) and Joe Mignosa (drums).

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