New Releases 11/20/12

Top Hits
The Expendables 2 (action, Sly Stallone. Rotten Tomatoes: 66%. Metacritic: 51. From Neil Genzlinger’s New York Times review: “Just when you think the action-hero-filled Expendables 2 has forgotten that this is at heart a comedy franchise, along comes a guy who has been out of the game for years to save the day. That familiar, weathered face belongs to Chuck Norris, and whatever Sylvester Stallone, the architect of these films, paid him to return to the big screen, it wasn’t enough. Mr. Norris arrives just as the blood baths and leaden dialogue are beginning to grow tedious, and his deadpan self-parody is pretty darn funny. More important, it gives you permission to laugh at the rest of this mindless movie, which is the only way to choke it down.” Read more…)

Bringing Up Bobby (drama, Milla Jovovich. Rotten Tomatoes: 10%. Metacritic: 34. From Jeannette Catsoulis’ New York Times review: “Working a variety of bad accents and the wardrobe of a 1930’s moll, Milla Jovovich takes a break from fighting zombies in the Resident Evil franchise to play Olive, a Ukrainian-born single mother who lives for two things: conning and her 10-year-old son, Bobby [Spencer List]. When not drooling over her bratty offspring — who helps zip up her unmentionables — Olive can be found stealing indiscriminately, even fleecing a church group to finance a nonexistent ministry. ” Read more…)

Coma (sci-fi thriller, Lauren Ambrose)

New Blu-Ray
The Expendables 2

New Classic DVDs (pre-1960)
The Trap (1959, crime drama, Richard Widmark. From Bosley Crowther’s 1959 New York Times review [requires log-in]: “For all its pattern plotting and its heavy reliance on the guns, it comes off a fairly taut picture in the outdoor action frame. Norman Panama, who, with Melvin Frank, produced it, directed it and helped to write the script, has seen to it that there’s no waste motion and that the pressure is on all the time. The pressure may not all be too logical, especially that of the henchmen’s lurking out there in the dark, but again Mr. Panama has seen to it that you have little time to think.” Read more…)

New Documentaries
The Dust Bowl (Ken Burns history doc, The Great Depression, environment. Metacritic: 83. From Mike Hale’s New York Times television review: “Given how long it takes Ken Burns to finance, assemble and promote his documentaries, the timing of The Dust Bowl is eerily appropriate. It arrives on Sunday on PBS in the middle of a spate of quickly produced programs about Hurricane Sandy and climate change, as if Mr. Burns knew that this would be just the right moment for a cautionary story about human interference with the environment.” Read more…)

New Children’s DVDs
Dragons: Riders of Berk