Thanks for your GivingTuesday support!

Thanks to all our friends who supported us on this past GivingTuesday! Your generosity is essential to our continued vitality.

If you missed donating to Best Video Film & Cultural Center on Tuesday, you can still make an end of year gift through our Web site or in person at Best Video.

Consider renewing a soon-expiring membership, purchasing a gift membership for a friend and buying a gift certificate for anything and all we offer. Please consider a donation as well as year end nears. Remember, we are a not-for-profit charitable cultural organization and any donation to Best Video is completely tax deductible. You can join as a member or donate at or in person at BVFCC.

We appreciate and thank all for another year of support as we all try to climb our way out of this pandemic. We could not be making it without your interest and participation.

Because of your support we were able to present almost 100 music shows this year, outside until the end of October and now inside (with safety precautions). As the situation has improved, we have been able to start staging indoor events, including four How to Read a Film lectures by Mark Schenker.

This holiday season please keep us in your holiday gift giving plans. Every little bit helps. Attending our shows, patronizing our cafe, a holiday special order or purchase can all add up to a happy and sustaining season for Best Video Film and Cultural Center. Best Video t-shirts make for great gifts—we will be restocked next week AND have a great new retro design by sign maker Joel Evans! Also coming soon—Best Video caps!

We wish all a safe, happy and healthy holiday season and hope to see you at BVFCC sometime soon. And thanks again for your continued support. We’ll give it all back to you in the coming year, adding more films to our vast library, more live music as circumstances permit, beautifying our space, and having a place for you, your families and neighbors to meet (safely!) and feel the sense of community that is yours and ours. Here at Best Video Film and Cultural Center.