Thanks to our supporters for an overwhelmingly successful 2020 Great Give!

We at Best Video Film & Cultural Center wish to express our deepest appreciation to the community for the tremendous outpouring of support we received in this past week’s Great Give. The generosity of the greater New Haven community—not just towards us but to hundreds of other organizations as well—is remarkable, particularly considering the struggles so many people are having.

Between the direct donations we received through The Great Give, the $3,000 we won in prizes for having the third highest number of peer-to-peer fundraisers who raised $200 or more, the approximately $3,000 in matching funds we got from the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven and Bank of America, and the donations made directly to BVFCC through checks or our Web site, we raised more than $50,000.

That is almost double what we have raised in any previous Great Give. And we had considered those Great Gives to be successful.

Out of 398 organizations, we finished 12th in amount raised and a stunning 2nd place in number of unique individual donors. Clearly, our mission of “Bringing film, music, and people together” touches a powerful chord in a time of self-isolation and social distance.

At a time when our income stream has been drastically cut back due to the temporary closure, those funds will provide an invaluable lifeline and bridge to our return to fully serving the community that we embrace and that has embraced us in return.

Thanks to all who gave, who spread the word, who participated as fundraisers, who wished us well, and thanks also to The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven for its superb job organizing The Great Give. We look forward to hopefully seeing you soon as the state takes the initial steps to reopening. In the meantime, please stay safe.

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