The 50×50’s, Xur play Fri., Nov. 12, at 7 PM

The 50×50’s and Xur play Best Video Film & Cultural Center Fri., Nov. 12. The show starts at 7 PM and the cover is $10.

As this is an indoors show, the following covid protocols apply: maximum attendance of 30, proof of vaccination required at the door, and masks required.

The 50×50’s technically, and unintentionally started back in 2009 when deto-22 of phenetiks and fellow AFA member, Sketch tha Cataclysm, started their joint project “The Sharing is Caring EP”. The pair remained in each others musical orbits until the 10 year anniversary of the same project. That re-release opened the door to some new found focus and a perfect balance of work ethics, and so, The 50×50’s were officially formed. A combination which strives to push forward their genre with experimentation in form, songwriting, depth and the pure joy of creation. The 50×50’s are a production team, MC’s, songwriters, performers, graphic designers, videographers, directors, editors, and curators.

From the depths of deep space, XUR (Xylophones Under Rooftops) is an avant-garde metal band dedicated to upending social norms and upsetting the system. Featuring drummer Xaphan and guitarist/bassists James Hooker and Henry Levitt, XUR throws the rules of music upside down, blending hardcore punk with a mix of jazz, funk, and noise.

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