The challenge is on: Become a BEST AMBASSADOR

img_4083_webBVFCC supporters Chris, Michael and Marianna (Michael’s sister) adopted September as their month to serve as BEST Ambassadors, holding a tag sale that raised nearly $600 for BVFCC this past Saturday (Sept. 10) and spreading the word about membership and upcoming programing. They now challenge YOU to be BVFCC Ambassador for a month!!

• What is a BEST Ambassador?

BEST Ambassadors adopt a month during which they will spearhead some kind of fundraising, friendraising (awareness counts too!!) and publicity event of their own design. Chris and Michael, recent empty-nesters, wanted to find good homes for their accumulated stuff, but the motivation to organize a tag sale was lacking.  When Marianna suggested they become BEST Ambassadors for September, and donate 100% of the proceeds of a tag sale to BVFCC, they had all the motivation they needed!  Attached are early morning photos of the set-up before the bargain hunters began to stream in. Chris and Michael’s house is now pristine, their stuff has found new life, BVFCC is nearly $600 richer, and more people know about this neighborhood treasure — a win-win!!!

img_4103_web• Chris and Michael challenge you to meet or beat this first showing!

What fun, creative, useful project or event can you organize that will raise some money and spread the word beyond the current circle of BVFCC supporters?  Perhaps October’s BEST Ambassadors will host a “dress your pet like your favorite movie star” contest in honor of Halloween, with a $15 fee to enter your pet, and a local celebrity judge. How about a chili cookoff as we move into colder weather in November? Movie aficionados might enjoy a movie trivia night where teams pay to compete. Throw in a 50-50 raffle at your event to generate a little more income! Use your imagination, and use social media so that the friends of the friends of the friends of BVFCC hear about your event and come just for the fun of it.

So pick a month and let BVFCC staffers Hank Hoffman or Richard Brown know about your planned event so it can be advertised in store communications.  It would be great to have multiple ambassadors holding multiple events in any given month. Chris, Michael and Marianna are happy to share ideas and suggestions. We want this weekend’s tag sale to be just the first in a long list of events that put the fun in fundraising!

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