The Living Daylights —aka Alison Farrell & friends—play Best Video Oct. 8

Award-winning singer-songwriters Alison Farrell, Ginny Bales, Cb Sheehan, Cyd Slotoroff and Diane Chodkowski—aka The Living Daylights—share the stage at Best Video Film and Cultural Center Friday, October 8, 2021 at 4:30 PM.

Great songs, great voices, excellent musicianship. Alison was named “Best Singer-Songwriter” by the New Haven Advocate, Ginny won “Songwriter of the Year” from the CT Songwriters Association, Cb Sheehan’s band Go Van Gogh won “Best Pop Band” from the New Haven Advocate, Cyd was called “a wonderful singer and songwriter and song leader” by Pete Seeger and Diane is a sought-after vocalist and has sung with David Roth and Hugh Blumenfeld.


We ask respect for social distancing, please, and conscientiousness on masks. Not everybody is vaccinated yet and our venue wants to advise caution and consideration for others. Masks are optional outside but required if you go inside Best Video.

No cover charge but please bring cash for the musicians’ tip jar. This has been a real hard time for musicians, almost all of whom have seen their live performance income dry up. (There will also be a Best Video tip jar for donations.)

Parking available behind Best Video and on Thornton Street.