Upcoming Events Listings

UPCOMING EVENTS.  Most of our concerts are outside in the front parking lot, weather-permitting. If a concert has a start time of 7 PM, it is inside and covid protocols (see below) apply. The film screenings are all inside. You can follow our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Covid protocols for inside events are proof of vaccination required to enter, and masks must be worn. Yes, they can be slipped down to take a drink but they need to be pulled back after you take a sip. We want to keep everybody safe.

The Best Video cafe will be open for the events serving coffee drinks, beer, and wine.):

Thurs., Aug. 11, 7 PM. Indie Rock: Semaphora, Gold Eris

Fri., Aug. 12, 7 PM. World Music/Percussion: Brian Jarawa Gray & The Healing Drum POSTPONED

Sat., Aug. 13, 5 PM. Singer-Songwriter: Brian Larney, BEPW

Sun., Aug. 14, 2-5 PM. GuitarTownCT Bluegrass Jam

Thurs., Aug. 18, 5:30 PM. Great American Songbook: The Rich Moran Quartet

Fri., Aug. 19, 5:30 PM. Singer-Songwriter: Daphne Parker Powell, Mercy Choir

Sat., Aug. 20, 5:30 PM. Jug Band: Washboard Slim & The Bluelights

Thurs., Aug. 25, 7 PM. Roots Rock: Bronson Rock; Rock: Dan Soto’s Artificial Energy Band

Fri, Aug. 26, 7 PM. Singer-Songwriter: Grace Yukich, Sarah Dunn; Indie Punk: Shame Penguin

Sat., Aug. 27, 5 PM. Folk/Celtic: Jim & Willow Sirch & Gary Wikfors

Fri., Sept. 2. Americana Singer-Songwriters: Joe Flood, Jerry Dugger, Mark Horn

Sat., Sept. 3, 10:30 AM. Children’s Music: Liz McNicholl

Sat., Sept. 3, 7 PM. Jazz: Dani Zanuttini-Frank with Jeff Fuller

Thurs., Sept. 8, 5 PM. Folk/Blues: Ramblin’ Dan Stevens

Fri., Sept. 9, 7 PM. Roots/Garage Pop: Tracy Santa & Chuck Koreiwo

Fri., Sept. 16. Jazz Vocals: Linda Satin with Joe Carter & Tim Moran

Sat., Sept. 17, 5:30 PM. Singer-Songwriter: Anne Marie Menta

Fri., Sept. 23, 7 PM. Brazilian Music: Flavio Lira, Isabella Mendes, Rogerio Souza, & Stephen Guerra

Sat., Sept. 24, 7 PM.Bluegrass & Swing: Too Blue

Fri., Sept. 30, 7 PM. Soul: Love N’ Co

Sat., Oct. 15, 5:30 PM. Bluegrass: Five N’ Change

Sat., Oct 22, 7 PM. Americana: Tannersville