Updated days/hours for curbside pickup of movies—adding Monday through Wednesday hours

With additional staff now available Best Video Film & Cultural Center is now adding curbside pickup hours on Monday-Wednesday for taking out DVDs. Curbside pickup Thursday though Sunday began on May 21. With this change, members can now access the riches of the BVFCC archive any day of the week.

Updated days and hours for picking up movies:

Monday-Wednesday: 3-7 PM
Thursday-Sunday: 4-8 PM

In our initial phase, we are geared towards making our film archive available again for our members who have the monthly and annual plans. To reduce risk to our members and to our staff, we will not be processing any in-person cash or card transactions. (Our cafe is still closed. We hope to open for curbside cafe service in the very near future and will post updates when that occurs.)

This is how it will work initially and what the hours will be for picking up DVDs:

CURBSIDE PICKUP ONLY • For now, patrons will not be allowed in the premises to browse. We recognize that browsing is one of the signature joys of the Best Video experience and we look forward to when that will be possible again. But at this point, we believe safety dictates that we deliver our movies curbside rather than having our friends inside.

EMAIL YOUR REQUESTS • Email your requests to us at orders@bestvideo.com. This will be an email address dedicated specifically to requests/orders. You may call in requests (203-287-9286) but—because we don’t have voicemail—you will only reach us when we are open.

DAYS & HOURS WE WILL BE OPEN • Because of staff limitations and just out of caution our initial hours will be limited. We will be open for pick-up Thursday-Sunday from 4-8 PM, and Monday-Wednesday 3-7 PM.

YOUR MEMBERSHIP PRIVILEGES DOUBLED! • For at least the next two months, members with monthly or annual plans will be able to take out double the number of titles to which your plan would normally entitle you. So 1-Movie Plan members may have two out at a time, 2-Movie Plan members may take four, and 4-Movie Plan members may take eight. In order to be fair to all members and ensure circulation of new releases, those titles from the “New Releases” section will be limited to the number of movies your plan would normally allow (1, 2, or 4). Please return those in a timely fashion.

GETTING YOU YOUR MOVIES SAFELY • Our staff will be wearing gloves and masks. We had the interior space cleaned professionally on Tuesday. When we gather your order, we will clean the cases and discs off with disinfectant cleaner and put them in paper bags with your name on them. When you arrive, you can call us to let us know you are here (and what car you are in) or come to the door and give your name. PLEASE: If you come to the door, make sure to wear a mask and maintain a safe social distance of 6-8 feet from anyone else. We will set a small table—which will be cleaned regularly—outside on which to place bags to be picked up if it doesn’t work for them to be put directly in the trunk or back seat of your vehicle.

HOW CAN YOU CHOOSE YOUR MOVIES? • You can search our film archive database by title on our Web site. Unfortunately, the online list has not been updated since 2014. We are currently working to get it up to date with all the titles we have on DVD and Blu-Ray and hopefully that will occur within the next few days. You can, of course, request movies made since 2014 and we will likely have them as part of our archive. Click here to go to the searchable (and downloadable) online list. You can check out what has come in over the past few months by scrolling through our New Releases page, also.

RETURNS • Returns can be put in the red drop box outside our front door (or at the Willow Street or Lyric Hall drop boxes; the Barnes & Noble bookstore at Yale may be currently inaccessible). We will have dedicated bins inside by day of return to which returned titles will be put first. After three days, they will be cleaned and returned to the shelf.

DON’T HAVE A MONTHLY OR ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP? • Now is a great time to become one of the hundreds of households in the greater New Haven area who support Best Video Film & Cultural Center—and get inexpensive access to our incredible archive—by becoming a monthly or annual member. The 1-Movie, 2-Movie, and 4-Movie plans (remember, you can access double that for the next two months) are respectively, $10, $20, or $30 per month in recurring charges. If you pay for a full year at once, you take 10% off ($108, $216, $324). You can join by clicking here.

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