Updated info re Thursday’s Sidewalk Dave show! Short film screening at 8 PM prior to the music

You know how you get bonus special features on most DVDs and Blu-Ray discs? Well, this Thursday’s performance by Sidewalk Dave will feature a screening of the short film “You Can’t Google This” prior to the band’s performance. According to Sidewalk Dave’s Facebook event listing, the film “is about the ungoogleable side of life and thus we will not be sharing it online. ”

The schedule for this show:

7 PM — Doors (come early to get seats and discuss film!)
8 PM — Screening of “You Can’t Google This”
8:20  PM — Music ♪♫
9 PM — Q&A / Film critique

The “Ungoogleable Manifesto” from Sidewalk Dave’s Facebook event listing:

In 1998 the world was given an amazing tool; the power to easily search for any information that humankind sees fit to share. “Google” became a verb and we were set loose to digest anything our fingertips could tap out. At some point, being from the generation that was born into a world without the power to google, we remembered our childhood being filled with actions and exploration of the tangible world. Nostalgia of adolescence is common of all generations, but there is something unique about growing up without instant entertainment and knowledge at our fingertips.

A small film crew and I decided to take a journey into the world without cellphones or internet. We brought an old Polaroid camera and a super 8 hand-held video camera to help capture the ungoogleable truths we remember attaining during our childhood. We used maps, pay phones, and the sun to get us around the southwest of America. Every moment was a moment to judge only with our bodily senses. The things we learned and the things we entertained ourselves with were pure with spontaneous aesthetic. All our uneventful moments used to be filled with a quick email check or YouTube search, etc, on this trip they were left alone; we were left only to brood over the moment and we had a very, very different experience because of it.

We aren’t anti-google, you can google this site, this video, and even our personal profiles, however, we merely suggest that as powerful and wonderful google and the internet-at-large can be, there is something you can’t find in the internet. That may be an obvious concept but in actually doing, our experience was spontaneous, exciting, and enlightening. We all saw things of such awe and beauty that we were all positive at every turn that we weren’t, for our brief expedition, missing anything we could find on the web. We tried to capture it through film, photographs, and journaling so that we can share a sliver of our experience with you but we suggest you try it for yourselves. Try disconnecting for a little while. Go on an adventure without knowing exactly how you’ll reach your destination or what you will do when you get there. Then ask yourself at the end of the experience, “Can I google this?”

The cover charge for this show is $5.

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