We have moved… things around!

It’s the end of an era, more or less. While we still have some VHS tapes—for the most part, movies that haven’t been released on DVD—we just moved the bulk of remaining VHS tapes out of the back corner of the store in prearation for giving them away.

Getting rid of this mass of VHS tapes freed up space and allowed us to make the following changes:

• We moved the Shakespeare, Performance Drama (plays), Broadway and Writers and Biography documentaries into that corner near the rest room. (No negative judgment intended.)

• The Romance section is now on that right hand wall and the Oscar categories have been moved to the cabinet behind the Coffee and Wine Bar.

•We removed three cabinets from the room behind the Coffee and Wine Bar, significantly opening up the Performance Space.

• All the Children’s and Family sections have been moved to the other side of the store near where the snacks are.

When you next come to the store, feel free to ask one of the employees for assistance if you need help finding something.

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