We reopen for safe browsing (barring a serious covid surge) Fri., Apr. 9

Keeping our fingers crossed that covid rates don’t surge in Connecticut, we will be opening the Best Video premises for browsing Friday, Apr. 9!

Along with allowing browsing, we will expand the video hours from the current 3-7 PM to 1-7 PM. Cafe hours will expand from the current 8 AM-1 PM to 8 AM-4 PM (Sundays-Wednesdays) and 8 AM-5 PM (Thursday/Friday/Saturday). As our music programming begins again on Thursday, April 15, the Thursday-Saturday cafe hours will effectively be 8 AM-7 PM (or whenever the music show ends). Cafe service, however, will remain curbside for now with outdoor seating only.

We know that perusing the shelves at BVFCC is one of the signal pleasures of being a member. We will spend the next two weeks cleaning up, putting up signage about social distancing, and installing some barriers and equipment to improve safety for members and staff (there’s already a new touchless faucet in our restroom).

Guidance to make this reopening to browsing smooth and safe for all concerned:

• Social distancing will remain a must.

• Masks are 100% required, no exceptions.

• Only five members (couples or family units will count as one) will be allowed in at one time.

• We request that browsers limit the time they spend, particularly if there are other members waiting to get inside. We recognize that many of you just look forward to getting lost in looking around after being away so long but we want to accommodate as many people as safely as possible.

A cabinet displaying part of the expanded directors section. How many of these directors are YOU familiar with?!

And you can use the time leading up to April 9 to bone up on your directors! Staffers Rob Harmon and Teo Hernandez have spent the lockdown time expanding our directors sections and rearranging where other sections are. Over 80 directors have had their oeuvre added, with an emphasis on including previously overlooked women directors, directors of color, and international film directors.

If you want to know where a specific DVD or a section is, please ask a Best Video staffer.